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How To Create an Email Newsletter

Assemble an email newsletter for your patients in 7 easy steps.
Have you ever thought about integrating a newsletter into your marketing strategy? If you haven’t, you should! Newsletters aren’t just a tool of the past[…]

The Problem with The Yes Man

Make your vendor your solutions partner

As a healthcare provider you know the joy that’s experienced when you can say yes to a patient. Being able to supply a patient with his or her needs is why you opened[…]

SEO 101

Everyone has told you that to effectively market your practice, you must get a website, so you went and paid someone to create a website for your practice. Your website is out there on the internet for new, prospective and existing[…]

Connect with Your Patients, Set Up A Facebook Page

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the U.S. In 2020, the social media giant reported 2.7 billion active profiles. Chances are you are one of those profiles. Perhaps you use Facebook to connect with your college friends[…]