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Best Online Print Companies for Your Marketing Needs

Printing services to use other than Vistaprint

As our lives become more digital, marketing online has become a necessity for any business. Creating Facebook and Google My Business profiles for your practice is crucial to increasing your online presence, deepening relationships with your patients and locating potential patients. But there are times when classic marketing techniques are still needed. Some patients still appreciate the old school touch of brochures, business cards and flyers. 

There is still a need for good printing services. Perhaps you might want to use pens, cups, and coasters to promote your practice or print a few posters for the walls of your practice. And like most businesses, print companies have gone online, making it more convenient for businesses to order their printing needs. 

Online print companies like Vistaprint are well known because they are affordable, have an easy streamlined process for customers use and the products look professional. While Vistaprint is extremely popular, there are other online print services that provide the same (in some cases better) quality, efficient processing and affordability as Vistaprint.  

Below is a list of the top 8 online print services.

1. GotPrint

Founded in 2001, GotPrint is a family-owned business known for their affordable promotional print materials. GotPrint is a great choice for practice owners who’ve just opened their practice and may not have a lot of marketing dollars to spare.

A customer ordering a set of 500 business cards with print on the front and grayscale on the back on 14pt cardstock costs $16.10. That’s one of the cheapest prices in the business. GotPrint allows customers to choose cards that are oval, circular, and leaf shaped. You can also have the option of uploading your own design, or working with a professional designer, which will incur an additional cost. 

GotPrint also prints other kinds of paper products such as banners, greeting cards, calendars, brochures, folders, catalogs, stickers and folders, as well as magnets, mugs, mouse pads, hats, and t-shirts. 

GotPrint offers clients free product sample kits and while the company doesn’t have overnight shipping, the company does provide next-day shipping at an additional charge should you be in a rush to receive your items.

2. Moo

Founded in 2006, Moo is known for being one of the most customizable, high-quality online print services. They are also known for being one of the most expensive, but as the saying goes…”You get what you pay for.”

MOO uses a premium 16pt cardstock for business cards with a choice of a matte or glossy finish for no extra cost. The higher quality of the cardstock is one of the reasons their products stand out from other online print companies.

Another differentiator between Moo and their competitors is Printfinity This state-of-the- art technology allows them to print individual designs on batched business cards. For instance, cards in bulk can have different images for each lead; alternatively, your range of services can be printed on groups of cards. There is also a huge selection of different sizes and styles of business cards to choose from, or you design your own or upload images.

Along with business cards, MOO also offers a selection of marketing materials, including flyers, stationery, stickers, invitations, notebooks, and more. Like the business cards, customers can design their product online or upload selected images or an entire design.

Moo offers next-day shipping on certain items, if the order is received before 2:00 pm EST, and if you sign up for their weekly MOOsletter, you can get free shipping on your products.

3. Zazzle

Created in 2005, Zazzle became known for its customization of gifts and apparel, as well as their licensed merchandise partnerships that would allow a customer to order an item with their favorite Disney, Star Wars or Pixar character on it.

Zazzle does offer a large range of business card templates. A pack of 100 16 pt. business cards can range from $20 and $30, which is cheaper than Moo.

Besides business cards, their office also includes rubber stamps, banners, stationery, stickers, posters, tabletop designs and more.

4. Staples

Staples is known for their fast turnaround times, print quality and impressive design tools.  It only takes a few hours to pick up your products after ordering them if you use the “same day pickup” option from your nearest Staples store.

Their design tool is easy to use and allows you to create manuals, business cards, brochures, banners, labels, postcards, calendars, name tags and non-paper promotional products. You can also upload your design in GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF format and their prices are reasonable.

5. PSPrint

PsPrint focuses mainly on printing promotional paper products and has a simple user interface that makes it easy for customers to design their products. They are also affordable. 

Along with business cards, customers can print booklets, banners, notepads, letterheads, stickers, magnets and coasters.

6. Jukebox Print

Like Moo, Jukebox Print provides a wide array of business cards including 28-pt. mega thick, bamboo, cork, and wooden, and their pricing is relatively affordable. Jukebox also offers postcards, letterpress stickers and magnets, but are mainly known for their vast options for business cards.

7. Minted

Founded in 2007 as a crowdsourcing platform for independent artists to share their stationary designs, Minted is one of the most niche online printing services on this list.  If you’re looking to create promotional products such as custom calendars or greeting cards for your practice, then Minted is the site for you.

8. Snapfish

Snapfish is another niche online printing service. While they don’t offer business cards, posters or banners, they do print greeting cards, calendars and non-paper promotional items like mugs.  Snapfish is affordable and offers great, high-quality photo printing.

NASA pilot and engineer Gene Kranz once said, “Having only one option is not an option.”  Knowing your options helps you in making smarter decisions for your practice. Hopefully knowing that there is more than one online print option for your marketing and promotional needs will assist you in making the right choice for your practice.