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Create healthier outcomes for your plan members.

There is a direct link to hearing and overall health,

but less than half of insurance plans cover the cost of hearing exams or hearing aids. Whether your members work in a factory, music hall, law enforcement or out and about making deliveries, hearing is an essential component to their productivity and quality of life.

Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more than just muffled sounds.

People with untreated hearing loss are 2 times as likely to suffer from depression, 3 times as likely to experience a catastrophic fall and 5 times as likely to suffer from dementia. YHN can help you find low-cost, effective plans that will keep your members’ hearing health secure.

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Save money.

Untreated hearing loss can become quite costly – resulting in a 33% increase in healthcare costs. Quality care shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. YHN can help you design a hearing health package that meets your goals and the needs of your members.

The impact of hearing loss can be devastating.

Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition in the U.S. Along with degenerative cognitive effects, hearing loss is also linked to degenerative conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A hearing health plan not only ensures life is more enjoyable, but it also adds to the quality of overall health.

Give your members the quality of care they deserve!

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Give your members the quality of care they deserve.
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