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Tag it is! The Importance of Tagging on Social Media

Learn what a social media tag is and how to use it.

The # (hashtag) and @ (at) are more than just characters that appear on the keyboard of your computer. These two characters are powerful symbols that can help enhance your social media marketing efforts by bringing more attention to your posts and help to build your online presence. When added to names and phrases, these symbols become a tag.

The Definition of Tagging 

Tagging is a process that involves using labels to make content easier to find or link to. Tags can appear inside the text of a post or at the end of a post in a series of tags. Below are two examples of tagging on a Facebook post:

Example 1: Experience ringing in your ears? Check out my latest blog and learn more about #tinnitus and its warning signs.

#hearinghealth #healthiswealth #sounds #ringinginears #drhensonaud

Example 2: Just learned all about the latest on BrainHearing technology. Thank     you @oticon for such a thorough presentation.

#hearingconference #audpeeps #hearingaids #technology #hearinghealth

The Use of Tags Across Social Media Platforms

Tags can be used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. However, using a # or @ tag can be different across the different social media channels.

Hashtags can be used in your tweets, posts, replies and comments. Popular hashtags will populate in a dropdown on Twitter and Instagram. This allows you to select from tags that are trending or from the most recent ones you’ve used, which can be useful if you use the same hashtags often.

When using the @ character to tag individuals or businesses on these platforms, a dropdown list will appear with a list of accounts. When you find the person or organization you’re looking to tag, simply select it from the list.

Popular Tagging Tips

Tagging can broaden the audience who views your content and is a way to get your patients engaged. Utilize these tips to make your tagging more effective.

1. Use tags when promoting something new. 

Have a new practice location opening? Perhaps you just completed a new video or blog you’d like to bring attention to, like in example #1. 

2. Use Tags to show appreciation.

Example #2 is an example of how to use a tag to show love to a business, organization, event or individual. 

3. Use Tags to give credit.

Read an article that you think might be a great read for your patients or fellow practice owners and want to share? When placing the article link in your post you can also tag the publication or organization where you first read the article.

4. Use Tags when responding to comments.

You created a post and have garnered a few responses. When responding to those comments you should always @ the account of the person or business that left the response. This creates an alert on the responders account that lets them know you responded directly to their comment.

5. Use geo-location tagging 

Location tagging enables you to appear in the social media feeds of those who follow you and are located in your region.

6. Use one-word hashtags

When creating hashtags, remember that hashtags are one word. Even if the word is usually two words, like hearing health. If you separate the words or the phrase you’re trying to hashtag, then it won’t appear as one on your post and affect the way the content is categorized.

7. Don’t use different hashtags across different social media channels

When promoting a blog, event, etc. across different social media platforms, it’s always best practice to use the same hashtags in each platform. Using different hashtags on various social media can reduce the reach your post can achieve. Stick to one social media tag.

8. Don’t overuse hashtags

It’s a common misconception that using a bunch of social media tags increases the exposure of a post. Hashtags are more about quality than quantity. Don’t use dozens of hashtags when only a few will do.

Social media is one of the best, low-cost ways to engage your patients, develop deeper connections and grow your practice. However, without learning all the nuances of communicating using social media, your efforts can fall short and might hinder you in maximizing your online presence. Tagging is one of those features that can improve your social media marketing.  And the more you get comfortable using them, the more savvy you will be. So, get those hashtags ready!