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Connect with Your Patients, Set Up A Facebook Page

Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Practice with These Seven Steps

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the U.S. In 2020, the social media giant reported 2.7 billion active profiles. Chances are you are one of those profiles. Perhaps you use Facebook to connect with your college friends. Maybe you log on occasionally to keep up with your grandkids. Chances are your patients have profiles as well, using it for the same reasons as you do. 

And if you’re on Facebook and your patients are on Facebook, then why not maximize your practice’s presence by marketing to your patients where you know they already are?

Facebook by the Numbers

Now up until this point you may be using social media for personal use, but social media, Facebook in particular, is a powerful marketing tool that can allow more intimate connections between businesses and their customers to grow. 

Here are a few statistics to consider about Facebook when thinking about using it for marketing.

  • Users 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook. In 2019, the most significant change in Facebook user demographics was among users born in 1945 or earlier, aka the “Silent” generation. This age group had grown on the platform from 26% in 2018 to nearly 40% in 2019
  • 74% of high-income earners are Facebook users.
  • 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily. Among active U.S. Facebook users, 74% of people use the site every day. 
  • The highest traffic occurs mid-day Wednesday and Thursday.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Page

To create a page for your practice, you must set up a personal profile on Facebook. It’s important to note that the personal information that appears on your personal page won’t be visible to visitors of your practice’s page. That means none of your patients will see any of those embarrassing throwback pictures of you and your best friend in high school.

Step One: Sign Up

Go to

You will see “Create a Page,” which will provide the option of two page categories – “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” You will choose Business or Brand. Click the “Get Started” button under this section to begin. 

Step Two: Enter Your Business Information

Enter the “Page Name.” This should be the name of your practice. Next choose the business category. This will pre-populate a list of related options to select from, such as your contact information.  You can also choose to make your information public or to only show your city and state. Click the “Continue” button.

Step Three: Upload A Profile and Cover Photo

Now it’s time to set the visual impression for your practice. When choosing photos, make sure they align with the brand message for your practice and can be easily identifiable with your practice.

First, you’ll upload your profile image. This image will be next to your practice name in search results and when you engage with other users. It also appears on the top left of your Facebook page. Once you’ve chosen the photo, click “Upload Profile Picture.”

After you select and upload your page’s profile image, you will now upload your cover photo. This image will be the most prominent photo on your page, so like your profile photo, it should capture the visual essence of your brand. Once you’ve chosen the photo, click “Upload Cover Photo.”

Step Four:  Create A Username

Your username, aka the vanity URL, is how you’ll tell people where to locate your practice’s page on Facebook.

Your page’s username can be up to 50 characters; however, you’ll want to choose a username that’s concise and easy to recall. 

Click “Create Page @Username” in the left menu and enter your vanity URL. Click “Create Username” when you’re finished. You’ll see a pop-up box stating, “You’re all set.” You’ll also see links that will enable people to connect with your practice on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Step Five: Add Business Details to Your Page

Facebook is often the first place a customer goes to get information about a business, so it’s important to have your practice’s page up to date with all the current information that a patient needs to know.  

To begin, click “Edit Page Info” in the top menu. You’ll be taken to a screen that allows you to enter information about your practice.


A brief explanation of your practice that appears in search results. Two sentences should be sufficient (maximum 255 characters).


Here you’ll see the category you entered in Step 1. You can add additional categories here to make sure Facebook shows your page to all the right people.


Add your practice’s phone number, website and email.


Add the address to your office. Be sure to check that your location is marked correctly on the map. 


Enter the hours of your practice. This information appears in search results.

Extra options

If relevant, enter your impressum (statement of ownership), price range and privacy policy link. Most likely, you won’t need to enter information in this section.

After you finish each section, click “Save Changes” to implement your changes as you go. 

Step Six: Share Your Story

Every business/brand has a story. This is the section where you can tell the story of your practice and why patients/potential patients should engage with your business on Facebook.

To begin, click “See more” in the left menu, then click “About”, and then click “Our Story” on the right side.

In this section, you can elaborate about why you began your practice, your philosophy about your practice or set expectations about what patients should anticipate when they visit your office. This is also the section to state why users should Like and/or Follow your page. 

When you’re finished, click “Publish.”

Step Seven: Publish and Invite

Now it’s time to reveal your page to the world. Click the green “Publish Page” button. You’ve done it! Your page is live. All you need now are followers.

Use your practice’s website to promote your new page.  Add “Follow Us” logos on your promotional materials and email signature. And you can always invite your existing Facebook friends to like your page.

Now that you know how to set up a Facebook page for your practice, go forth…create, publish, post and engage.

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