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COVID-19 and Your Practice

Universal Precautions: Best Practices for Coronavirus Protection

With COVID-19 a pressing concern around the globe, now is a critical time to reinforce the importance of infection control procedures in and around your practice. Strict adherence to a robust hygienic process in your office will help protect you, your staff, your patients and family members.  

  • Frequent hand washing with a medical grade soap, before and after seeing each patient
  • Disinfect hearing aids before handling
  • Disinfect patient contact surfaces (counter tops, booth, chairs, pens, doors, handles) after every contact
  • Disinfect tools and sterilize when necessary
  • Ask patients and staff members to stay home if they have a fever or feel sick

Now is a great time to begin engaging with your patients through social media or utilizing Telehealth services. These can help ensure the safety of your patients and your practice through the Covid-19 pandemic. If you would like more information on YHN Telehealth services and how it would benefit your practice please click here.

 For more information on COVID-19, visit the CDC here.

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