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Your Patient Contact Center During COVID-19

For many, it is natural to feel uncertain how to manage your Practice during COVID-19. While there is much that cannot be controlled, Your Hearing Network (YHN) recommends focusing on what you can control as a Provider and as a Leader.

“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the leader adjusts the sails.”

Let’s “adjust the sails!”. As a benefit to your Practice and Patients, consider setting a target reopening date now (based on state guidance) and proactively connect with your patients. Each call with patients with realizes 2 critical goals. First, it deepens your patient relationship and identifies hearing healthcare needs. Second, it creates selling opportunities for your Practice. YHN strongly recommends starting to fill your schedule for your target reopen date.

YHN’s Your Patient Contact Center (YPCC) provides an effective, cost-efficient solution to skillfully contact your patients and capture all patient calls 24/7. YPCC’s professionally trained Patient Coordinators use your Practice’s customized script, accommodates your Practice’s customized scheduling & disposition requirements and embraces all practice management systems. YPCC acts as an extension of your Practice and staff.

YPCC Outbound service has Patient Coordinators contact your patients for wellness checks, out-of-warranty (OOW), tested not sold (TNS), Marketing programs, or any other needs. YPCC’s appointment conversion is nearly twice the national average due to constant training and optimized call strategies.

YPCC Answering service offers 24/7 coverage and ensures Patients with hearing challenges have a ‘live’ person answering their calls. YPCC captures all opportunities, maximizing every aspect of patient communication.

As your trusted partner, YPCC is a seamless extension of your practice devoted to expanding your reach and securing appointments. YPCC is 100% dedicated to delighting Patients and delivering strong business results. With YPCC, your Practice can expect an impressive return on investment (40 hours of calling yields an average profit increase of $7,200), appointment conversion nearing twice the national average, and YPCC is 100% focused on hearing healthcare.

YPCC: Deepen Patient Relationships and Grow Profit

For more information on YHN’s Your Patient Contact Center: click on and complete a request form or call Brayan Carpio (YPCC Supervisor) directly at 732.484.8227 or

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