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Building A Hearing Health Practice For Growth

Growing Your Hearing Health Practice

Whether you are starting a new practice or have had an independent practice for years all health providers need a plan for growth.  If you are like most, audiology graduate course work does not exactly prepare you to venture into private practice. There is much behind-the-scenes work that needs to be completed before you’re ready for the doors to be opened. Success in private practice takes business development planning as well as implementation of the plan. Lucky for you, we have compiled the top priorities in developing your private practice, as a hearing health provider, designed to provide a starting point to begin a successful audiology practice.

Outside of the typical startup and continuing costs such as equipment, furniture, licenses, permits, and staff, you will also need to develop a business and marketing strategy that is needed to attract new patients. In business strategy there needs to be a clear definition of measurable and attainable goals, and an effective marketing strategy will play an integral role in increasing revenue, building patient trust, improving online reputation and expanding your reach.

  • Identify Your Target Audiences – Patients
  • Define Your Mission & Vision
  • Identify your Marketing Team
  • Perform a SWOT Analysis
  • Develop Physician & Patient Referral Strategies
  • Engaging With Current Patients On Social Media Networks

As you navigate an ever-evolving world in many aspects of your specialty, one thing remains constant, a strategy. When it comes to attracting and retaining patients, strategy is needed for growing your practice. Individually, any of these tactics can help grow your audiology practice, but these strategies are ideally employed in tandem in a coordinated, sustained manner. They will support and enhance each other, producing much better results than any one strategy alone.

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