Telehealth for Audiologists

Don’t get left behind.

Our Tele Care program provides our members access to the resources to create a virtual audiology center anywhere in the country.
Provides Complete 360 Degree Care
Increases Access to Care and Services
Overcomes Staffing Concerns
Creates Flexible Hours
Eliminates Dark Offices
Generates Revenue

Reliable outcomes

Complete 360° Audiology and Hearing Care delivered interactively… remotely supports everything you can do “knee to knee” except clean ear wax. Your Tele Care offers patients a convenient and interactive experience that’s efficient and effective without sacrificing quality of care.

“TeleAudiology outcomes are as good as, or better than, traditional face-to-face encounters”

Veterans Health Administration

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Simple, customizable solutions, from set-up and training, to 100% turnkey.

Your Tele Care delivers practice-tested methods to assure your success:

Our analysts identify the specific priorities, needs, and resources for integrating telehearing into your practice.

A technology needs assessment is our systematic review of your current technology requirements and potential future needs.

Financial reviews are conducted to evaluate the potential revenue and business impact of adding Your Tele Care, including any technology required. Various loan options are available for equipment investment.

Custom marketing plans are prepared for your specific goals including a resource library that consists of in-store signage, email campaigns, and direct mail.

We take care of the installation of the PC-based testing equipment, audio-video conferencing platform and practice operations software.

We’ll make sure to get you up and running for the most effective and efficient daily work and appointment flow.

Our telehearing experts provide on-going process and procedure training for providers and staff.

Your practice is assured the appropriate HIPAA and state compliance every step of the way.

Your Tele Care is a prime opportunity to boost your business.

The population is aging…rapidly. With the increasing demand of patients who need and will need hearing care, and the exponential growth of an aging population means now is the time to evolve and grow your practice to meet more patients’ needs. Your Tele Care will allow you to maximize your space, add patients, and increase your bottom line.

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