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Author: rcorpus

COVID-19 and Your Practice

Universal Precautions: Best Practices for Coronavirus Protection With COVID-19 a pressing concern around the globe, now is a critical time to reinforce the importance of infection control procedures in your practice. Strict adherence to a robust hygienic process in your

Building A Hearing Health Practice For Growth

Growing Your Hearing Health Practice Whether you are starting a new practice or have had an independent practice for years all health providers need a plan for growth.  If you are like most, audiology graduate course work does not exactly

Gaining Referrals to Your Hearing Health Practice

Networking plays an integral part as other doctors will only feel comfortable referring patients to your practice if they trust you. The more well-known your practice is, the more likely other doctors will refer patients to you. Unfortunately, many provider organizations have difficulty maintaining a constant stream of quality

Utilizing Social Media for Your Hearing Health Practice

Engaging With Patients On Social Media Networks Communication between patients and providers is a pillar of good patient engagement strategy, and social media is presenting new opportunities to promote that. With social media platforms your practice has a chance to

Benefits of Joining a Referral Network

4 Reasons to Consider Joining a Referral Network Joining a referral network makes good sense for many independent practices.  Have you weighed the rationale for accepting network appointments lately? Consider these benefits: Welcome additional appointments without the burden of marketing