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Benefits of Joining a Referral Network

4 Reasons to Consider Joining a Referral Network

Joining a referral network makes good sense for many independent practices.  Have you weighed the rationale for accepting network appointments lately? Consider these benefits:

  1. Welcome additional appointments without the burden of marketing costs. Networks typically earmark a marketing budget for targeted audiences.  You won’t have any of your usual advertising costs associated with acquiring these appointments.
  2. No insurance risk for network-generated appointments.  Most networks carry the risk of insurance payments, meaning you won’t have to file claims or worry about denials.
  3. Network appointments are provider-centric, you are the focus of the patient experience.  In today’s market, with over the counter and direct to consumer commoditization, the best hearing networks are keeping the provider front and center in hearing care.
  4. Generate word of mouth referrals from even more satisfied patients.  Every patient contact is an opportunity to demonstrate great patient care and create high satisfaction levels. Extend your brand by helping more patients resolve their challenges and share their experiences.

Sound good?  Your Hearing Network (YHN) has a consumer audience of over 35 million members, including Davis Vision, Superior Vision, Vision Benefits of America, Oscar, and Bright Health.  In addition, YHN is the preferred provider for multiple unions and affinity groups. By becoming a credentialed provider with YHN, you may also be eligible for VA Community Care and Audionet plans.*  To find out how YHN can help your practice grow, click here.