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11 Covid-19 Resources to Assist with Your Practice

On March 11th, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic. What followed was a worldwide lockdown, forcing families to stay indoors and businesses to shut their doors. Between the mandatory quarantine and re-opening restrictions imposed by states, 60% of closed businesses won’t reopen, according to Yelp data. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has dominated our lives and stretched our resources. It will determine how we live our lives and run our businesses for quarters to come.

But there is hope. Small businesses like your practice still encompass close to 50% of all U.S. private-sector jobs. In March, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES). This $2 trillion stimulus package allocated $377 billion to small businesses. A second stimulus package to offer additional aid is pending.  

One thing quarantine showed us is that we must work together to combat and defeat coronavirus. As a member of a community of health providers, there are multiple resources available to help you maintain your practice during the pandemic. We have compiled 11 Covid-19 resources that can assist you in helping your practice thrive as we move to the other side of our new Covid-19 world.

American Academy of Audiology – The American Academy of Audiology is the world’s largest professional organization for audiologists, with a membership of approximately 14,000 nationwide.  One of the Academy’s priorities is education, and have outlined best practices and clinical recommendations for audiologists to use during Covid-19.

International Hearing Society – IHS is a professional membership organization established in 1951 that represents hearing healthcare providers. They offer a Covid-19 Resource Center on their website to provide important information and updates regarding the pandemic. Resources offered are not just for practice owners in the U.S., there are also government resources listed for Canadians.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – The CDC is the U.S. preeminent organization dedicated to science, public health and protecting Americans from infectious diseases at home and abroad. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC has made recommendations to help combat the spread of coronavirus. The CDC has also created guidelines to help healthcare facilities stay prepared during the pandemic, such as using telehealth services and navigating staff shortages.

The Hearing Review – The Hearing Review reaches over 21,000 key decision makers and influencers in the hearing health industry and is recognized as one of healthcare’s most important data companies. THR has produced a webinar to discuss hearing health in a Covid-19 world and can be viewed on demand.

Hearing Health & Technology Matters – HHTM is a website created by and for people who share passion for hearing health and technology and educating the others who care about hearing loss. HHTM has a column that explores the changes and disruptions that impact the hearing health industry, like Covid-19. The articles are written by four experts from around the globe in hearing health and provide insights that can assist in navigating your practice in a post Covid-19 world.

Consult YHN – Since 1995, Consult YHN has brought together and assisted hearing healthcare providers nationwide. Consult YHN has gathered resources that will support hearing health practitioners with marketing, communications, training and telehealth.

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan – U.S. Small Business Administration is a federal agency that provides support to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses. The  Covid_19 EIDL is a loan that offers economic relief to small businesses and other organizations that are suffering from temporary loss of revenue due to Covid-19. Collateral is only required for loans over $25,000.

SBA Debt Relief – The SBA also provides coronavirus debt relief, and will pay 6 months of principal, interest and any associated fees for all current  7(a), 504 and Microloans as well as  7(a), 504 and Microloans that were distributed prior to Sept. 27.

Oticon – Oticon, also based out of Denmark, fully supports health authorities in minimizing the spread of coronavirus by following local authority guidelines. They are committed to supporting hearing health professionals by offering practice support through a series of webinars.

Phonak – This world renown hearing aid manufacturer not only wants to provide excellent products to supply to your patients, they also want to assist you in making sure your practice is ready to take care of patients during Covid-19 .

Widex – With headquarters in Denmark, Widex is the 6th largest hearing aid manufacturer, but they are also supporting hearing health providers by offering protective equipment and disinfection supplies, direct-to-patient repair service, and webinars.

We are all in this together. A pandemic may have altered life as we knew it, but your patients will still look to you to answer their questions, calm their fears and provide service that will continue to help them improve their hearing health. Utilizing these Covid-19 resources will help you to provide the same quality care that you did before corona meant more than a brand of beer and keep your budget in the black.

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