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Time For A Redesign

Improve your patient experience with these 5 medical office design tips

Visits to any medical office can be stressful. Even if one is getting an annual checkup, some patients can experience anxiety. One out of three avoid going to the doctor, even if they’re in need of medical care. This is known as iatrophobia.

As a hearing health professional, making sure your patients are happy and healthy is a daily endeavor. Your medical office should not only be designed to optimize performance for you and your employees, but also leave a lasting impression and be a great visitor experience for your patients.

One way to make your practice more inviting and personable is by upgrading the décor of your office. Upgrade your office with these 5 tips.

  • Create an office layout that can reduce foot traffic.

When thinking about upgrading your office, the first thing to consider is the layout. A cumbersome design can bewilder your patients and prevent them from having to navigate too much unfamiliar territory. Another way to prevent undue traffic is by coordinating sections by color and maintaining a consistent design tone.

  • Choose your colors wisely.

And speaking of color. Your color selection should evoke warm vibes. Colors such as greens, blues, or yellow will give your patients a relaxed feel . To add an additional flair of personal style, mix in a few textures, wallpaper and prints.

  • Use wall art

Another way to make your practice more inviting and bring out more of your personality is to decorate your walls with art. Art creates a more amicable and attractive vibe and can really make a positive impression with your patients. Consider selecting pieces that are truly unique and inspiring or pay a local artist to give your space more of a unique feel. Your art can also be enhanced by selecting the right lighting to create a cozy ambiance thereby expanding on the warm and relaxing feeling you set with your choice of color.

  • Invest in comfortable furniture

Sometimes patients must wait to see you, and nothing makes the wait time more difficult than having to sit on an old chair or a couch that makes your backside sore. Make sure patients feel your care for them even in the waiting room by investing in comfortable furniture. When selecting your furniture, be sure to choose items that can stand the wear and tear of constant use. 

  • Create a calm atmosphere

Your office should be a place of Zen for you, your staff and your patients. Bringing in life can make your office not only enjoyable but comforting as well. A good idea for creating a calming atmosphere is to bring in potted plants. Potted plants have other benefits besides ambiance. Plants ventilate a room, and they add aesthetic beauty. Try selecting plants like lavender that provide a pleasant and relaxing smell.

Fish tanks could be a great addition to a reception area. Watching fish and the sound of running water can also have a soothing effect, creating a feeling of calm. 

An upgrade to your practice using these medical office design tips can turn an otherwise nerve-wracking appointment into a soothing experience and can turn into a long-term patient relationship. 

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