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Your Opportunity Management Tool:

Managing Your Practice Just Got Easier

Answering your questions about making your practice work more effectively and profitable for you.

Managing your practice can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming. Your Opportunity Management Tool will asssist you in managing your business’ schedule and optimize your patient base so you can be more profitable. It makes the challenge of balancing your patient base manageable.

With the Your Opportunity Management Tool, you can navigate the world of hearing healthcare with ease…

  • An interactive, step-by-step guide helps you determine the optimal mix of patients and dispensing fees that balances a full schedule with your bottom line.
    • It only takes a few minutes to enter your practice data and generate an instant snapshot of your overall business and how an influx of various patients are impacting your schedule and profit margins.
  • Prepared scripts and scheduling templates help your front office personnel move beyond objections and increase patient appointments.
  • Pricing matrices and loyalty program materials provide the chance to maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Simple overview sheets clearly explain the nuances of every plan available through Your Hearing Network.

Gain the upper hand on managing your practice with the knowledge you need to build your most effective strategic plan and optimized schedule. Use Your Opportunity Management Tool to help you find the right mix of patients in order to make your practice more profitable by reaching your revenue goals.

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Understand the impact various patients have on your business.
Analyze your practice data.
Evaluate your schedule for effectiveness and efficiency.
Generate in-depth reports for your practice.
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