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Thank you for your interest in joining Your Hearing Network. In an effort to simplify the credentialing process, Your Hearing Network is working with Gemini Diversified Services, Inc. (GDS) – anindependent credentials verification organization – as well as the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) to assist in the administration

Providers eligible to apply for participation with Your Hearing Network must:

  1. Maintain a valid and current license to practice independently in each state where care will be provided.
  2. Maintain and provide documentation of professional malpractice insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per incident / $3,000,000 aggregate and an acceptable malpractice history. If using a group policy, the individual provider’s name should be listed on the policy.
  3. Have a valid individual (Type 1) NPI number.
  4. Complete an application in CAQH ProView®:

Enrolling in and applying through CAQH ProView®, ensures a more accurate, efficient and seamless application and credentialing process. To be considered for participation in Your Hearing Network, please complete the steps outlined below:

  • Visit to create a free account with secure login and password. (If you are already enrolled in CAQH, please ensure all information is newly attested and current documents are uploaded). For further instructions* and CAQH training resources, please visit:
  • Complete all application questions.
  • Review your data profile for accuracy and attest (or re-attest).
  • Authorize “All healthcare organizations who indicate your affiliation” to allow us to access your data profile.
  • Upload your current Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Declaration Page to CAQH.
  • If enrolled in Medicaid, please upload your Medicaid approval letter to CAQH, as proof of enrollment.

*To watch a CAQH instructional video, please visit:
Please Note: Failure to accurately and fully complete all of the steps outlined above could delay or nullify your credentialing.

Should you have any questions please contact:

Your Hearing Network Credentialing Department
855-400-9764, option 5

Please allow at least 45-60 days for processing.