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Welcome to Tele-Audiology for Optometry Practices

Untreated hearing loss affects millions of people, most of whom don't know it.

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Why are optometric practices adding tele-audiology?

of Hearing Loss

Are any of these symptoms manifesting in your life?

Single visit vision and hearing care creates increased value for patients and attracts referrals

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Business opportunity: added service and referrals increases revenue

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Market of 30 million and growing driven by aging baby boomers and increased longevity

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6 Reasons To Partner With Your Hearing Network

YHN is your advocate helping you reach and treat more people seeking hearing health solutions managed care.

The Industry Leader In Audiology And Hearing Aids

100 year old business; the ONLY company that covers all aspects of hearing care.

No Financial Risk, 100% Turnkey

From training to state-of-the-art equipment, YHN offers all-in-one turnkey services.

Drive Incremental Revenue

Quickly drive additional profit — from hearing care services, hearing aid sales and new patients — by implementing the YHN tele-audiology solution.

Increase Patient Loyalty

Relationships are key to retention, and today’s patients will value the ‘whole health’ approach and single visit convenience offered by your practice and YHN services.

Improve Your Competitive Position

YHN services differentiate your brand and strengthen practice messaging to new and prospective patients.

Optimize Resources

Partnering with YHN is an ideal way to leverage the vision-hearing connection and your existing patient base — as well as to maximize space and staffing resources.

Vision and hearing are two skills that diminish as we age.

Consider these facts:

While regular hearing exams is one prevention technique, there are other practices that you can begin that will help to preserve your hearing health.

Together hearing and vision create greater and more enhanced spatial awareness.

Approximately 50% of Americans with cataracts also have hearing loss.

Dual sensory deficits lead to challenging life situations, including isolation, depression, short-term memory loss and increase risk of falls.

The increased demand for hearing care and the lack of audiologists in the field is projected to create a shortfall of 12, 000 hearing professionals in less than 10 years.

Many baby boomers prefer to combine more than one medical service in a visit. Adding tele-audiology services to your eye care practice enhances patient care opportunities by providing greater convenience and quality.

YHN is Available Exclusively Through HEA!

HEA members can take advantage of YHN’s no-risk profitable business model, state-of-the-art equipment, seamless setup and ongoing sales and marketing support by contacting us today:
Phone: 888.656.6838