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4 Tips For Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

What is a hearing aid and how do you clean yours?
Hearing aids are devices that amplify sound and help individuals experiencing any hearing impairments by providing them with the ability to[..]

audiologist test

How To Find An Audiologist Near Me

Have you noticed the need to increase the volume of your radio or TV? Is it becoming more difficult to hear your daughter or grandchildren? Perhaps, you’ve started to notice a ringing in your ears even when it’s[…]

Got Earwax Buildup

Maybe you need an ear curette.

To every ear a little wax must build. The ear has outer, middle, and inner sections. The ear canal, also known as the auditory canal, is a pathway that runs[…]

How To Choose An Audiologist

6 quick tips to select the right audiologist for you.
An audiologist is a healthcare professional that specializes in hearing and balance disorders. Their services help to improve life for individuals[…]

The Ringing in Your Ears

What is Tinnitus, how it affects you, and treatments to seek
Susan, a healthy 50-year-old kindergarten teacher, began to hear the sound of a tea kettle blasting off in her ears. The sound was relentless[…]

Experiencing Hearing Loss?

Learn how to treat it here.
Hearing loss can be an incurable, degenerative condition, but the silver lining is, hearing loss can be treated Technological advances in hearing[…]

The Ins and Outs of Hearing Exams

And Why You Need One!
Yearly checkups are part of your to-do-list every year, just like paying taxes or getting your tires rotated. But as you think about scheduling your[…]

Types Of Hearing Loss

How It Affects You
Hearing loss affects around 48 million and is defined as a reduced ability to hear sounds. About 10% of Americans who suffer from hearing loss[…]