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Hearing and Emotional Well-Being

Protecting your employees hearing also protects their mental and emotional health.
Around 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, a debilitating condition that can be[…]

The Rising Cost of Healthcare for Families

Learn how you can help your members save money
Increases in premiums and out-of-pocket spending makes healthcare one of the costliest monthly items families must contend with. Steeper co-pays and deductibles[…]

Hearing Aids and AI

Do your members with hearing loss benefit from AI technology?
The words artificial intelligence (AI) can sometimes have people running for cover in fear that their jobs will be replaced by machines. AI can have a significant effect on[…]

hearing aid coverage provider

4 Benefits To Look For in Hearing Aid Coverage

Including each state’s mandates for hearing aids.
Hearing health insurance can help a company prevent cognitive decline, slip and falls, accidents that can affect one or more of your members, poorly executed tasks and miscommunications that[…]

Chronic Disease and Hearing Loss

Studies link hearing loss with other debilitating conditions
The most important asset any company possesses is a healthy staff. The health of your members affects their cognitive ability and physical productivity. Hearing loss is[…]