Experts and resources to benefit your independent practice.

Your Hearing Network is a rapidly growing national network of independent hearing care professionals.  Let us give your practice the competitive advantage to thrive in today’s evolving hearing care marketplace. Our members enjoy access to cutting-edge resources that support their business goals.

Find the right mix of tools and benefits for your practice.

Your Patient Contact Center helps ensure satisfied, loyal patients.

Eliminate the hassles of navigating the insurance landscape.

Gain comprehensive human resources and affordable benefits.

Managed Sales Network that works for you.

Access to more patients through our Managed Sales Network: worker’s compensation, veteran’s choice and managed care, with flexible opt-in.

Plan Administration

We help ensure that you reap the most benefits from our services and tame the world of managed care!

Credentialing & Claims Support

Our dedicated support team alleviates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with other managed care plans.

Leads with Benefits

Fill open time slots in your practice schedule not filled by private pay patients.

Sound complicated?

Don’t let it be. Our experts help make it easy.

For more information on becoming a provider in the fastest growing hearing care network in the country, contact us.

Your Hearing Network is a nationwide hearing healthcare organization designed to connect patients with hearing loss to local hearing professionals. Quickly approaching 6,500 affiliates, Your Hearing Network is the fastest growing hearing health system in the country.

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