Increased Patient Contact is Only a Call Away

Your Patient Contact Center offers you access to a highly-trained, professionally-managed workforce dedicated to patient communications.

Practices that utilize Your Patient Contact Center experience a net gain of 8-10 units per month.

The staff of Your Patient Contact Center work as an extension of your practice to bring you quality opportunities. Utilizing a dedicated representative, we provide highly personal, efficient, and cost-effective communication. You benefit from:

  • A representative that is part of your team.
  • Tested and refined, patient-friendly presentation scripts.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Stronger patient relationships and a full schedule!

Practices that are most successful utilize a patient recall component. This function protects the practice’s most valuable patient resource — its database — and it helps fill the schedule with opportunities.

Reach your audience directly with a personalized call to maximize your marketing and lead generation efforts with Your Patient Contact Center and your patient appointments will increase!

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Expand your reach
without hiring and training new staff members.

Bring in new prospects
by incorporating follow-up calls into your marketing plan.

Keep your schedule full
with Tested Not Sold, Out of Warranty, no-shows, cancels, and wellness referrals.

Protect your database
from the competition.
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