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A New Lead Generation Tool for Your Practice

Digital marketing is essential in today’s market to capture consumers who actively search online to research product and hearing healthcare information. Your Digital Leads is the digital marketing solution for all Your Hearing Network Clinics. As a member of Your Hearing Network, your practice will be listed on clinic locators on multiple consumer sites, all at no cost for you!

Your Hearing Network endeavors to be the most provider-friendly network in the country and deliver best-in-class support service to our network and plan partners, including:

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Embrace a New Lead Generation Tool for the Next Generation of Patients

With consumers increasingly turning to the Internet for research and information, we are proud to offer our providers Your Digital Leads, a new lead generation service designed to help you grow your patient base and practice.

Our first website in the program,, is designed to capture digital consumers without any marketing investment from your practice. These coveted “digital-first” consumers are generally farther along in the research/purchase process and are typically private pay patients. Scheduling and Reporting Process

When consumers visit to locate a provider in their area, your practice will be listed. Consumers who are ready will then work with our call center representatives and your front office staff to schedule an appointment.

  1. Potential leads will call the Call Center. Call Center representatives will locate the nearest Your Hearing Network provider based upon the patient’s zip code.
  2. When the patient is ready to book their appointment, a representative will initiate a three-way call with your clinic, allowing the patient to book the appointment directly with you.
  3. will follow up with your clinic after the appointment so you can report the patient experience and outcome with us. This reporting will be used to optimize the type of patients being targeted online, as well as to optimize the pre-screening process. This step is crucial as it allows for continual improvement in driving leads and the quality of those leads.

Enrollment in Your Digital Leads is FREE for all Your Hearing Network members so long as requirements are met.

Hearing aid manufacturer websites are one type of website consumers utilize to research different types of hearing aids prior to seeing a hearing care professional. Your Hearing Network Providers who sell Oticon products are automatically listed on the Hearing Center Locator on Consumers search for a hearing care professional in their area. Your practice name, address, local toll-free phone number for your practice and website are listed and the consumer contacts your practice directly to schedule an appointment.

In most cases, consumers in today’s market go online to research information on hearing loss, review different types of hearing aids and locate a hearing healthcare professional when they are ready to take the step to enjoy a life of better hearing.

Healthy Hearing, trusted by more than 4 million visitors each year, is the leading online resource for savvy consumers seeking information about hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing healthcare providers in their area. As a Your Hearing Network provider, your clinic is listed in Healthy Hearing’s extensive Find a Clinic directory. Consumers ready to get treatment for their hearing loss can call the local or toll-free number listed on your profile to reach your clinic via the Healthy Hearing Call Assist team. This is a “white glove” service that assures patients interested in making an appointment with you can be connected with your office effectively. Healthy Hearing’s directory provides one more way for consumers who are ready to get help to gain access to your clinic.

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